The Wise Ram

SATB divisi a cappella
This piece was written one summer day after a memorable mountain trek with my family including my teenage daughters, nieces and nephew. I led them up rather steep scree slope, and upon seeing a magnificent ram, I inadvertently left them on the slope while I pursued the sheep hoping to snap a photograph. I did get my photograph. When we gathered again near the top I shared my exciting story of photographing the ram. They shared their exciting story of being really really mad at me for leading them here, and abandoning them on a death-defying rock slope. Several had given up and descended ahead of the rest (they weren’t really really mad at me, those guys were really really really mad at me). I figure it builds character. The same kind of character that allows prey like the magnificent ram to survive all those years. The music portays the quiet calm and majesty of this animal, a fragile king. The recording here is from “the simplest way” by Chronos Vocal Ensemble. Available at Chronos Vocal Ensemble

The Wise Ram watermark