Jag Vill Möta…

1 Rustad, 2 Jag har Sett, and 3 Mäktigt.
Written on a compelling poem by Swedish poet Karin Boye (1900-1941).

Armed, erect and closed in armour I went forth,
But my mail-coat was cast of terror and shame.
I want to drop my weapons, my sword and shield,
All that hard hostility has made me cold.

I have seen the dry seeds grow,
I have seen the bright green spread out.
The tender leaf is mightier than iron,
Driven from the earth’s heart without defence.

Spring dawns in winter’s regions where I froze,
I want to meet life’s powers weaponless.

The sample recording is from “Paths” by iCoristi Chamber Choir, Rob Curtis conductor. It is available at www.icoristi.com

This piece is currently unpublished, please contact me if you would like more information.

Jag Vill Mota watermark