Mrs Murphy’s Chowder

SATB Violin Piano 4 hands

I call it an extravaganza because the arrangement involves more than a choir and an accompanist. Jeannie Pernal (Grande Prairie Boys’ Choir) asked me to arrange this for one of their performances. The lyrics to this song are so ridiculous that the whole thing just begged for slapstick. The piano duet gets involved in some drama, shouting and singing, the violin has a “stand off” with several choir members, there is some spoons playing, the choir does a short tap-dance routine, and even the conductor has a scripted role. My father, the late F Garth Worthington, was always singing and reciting poetry, much of which he made up on the spot. He knew this song and was more than happy to provide additional lyrics for the arrangement.

MrsMuphysChowder watermarked - Score